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If you have been subscribing to my newsletter for a while, it’s pretty clear I like to weave a thread that we can all take small steps to change things in our lives and collectively make a big green difference. Hope, possibility, and change are words I like to live with and repeat in my writing and speaking.

I decided to write this newsletter with some good, green info for wherever you are on your journey to living a more sustainable life. But really it’s about the dark side of green, so I hope you read all of it because the planet needs us – now.

Light green – all the usual “hope you are already there” low hanging green fruit tips (some of which I covered in my last newsletter.) Reduce your use of plastics – especially bags and bottles; unplug your hair dryers, phone chargers, toasters etc.; start reading ingredients on things you buy that you put on your body and in your home. Almost boring myself here. But press pause for one second. How many of these things do you actually DO? Biggest shocker to me is when I see someone who sells a green product, is a member of a sustainability group of any kind, or considers themselves informed about global green issues and they walk into a meeting with a plastic bottle. Really? Do a self-inventory. Are you pale green?

Medium green – some might consider these leaning in the more dramatic, dark green direction and then again, maybe not. What’s your plan for changing out your toilets? How many CLF or LED light bulbs have you switched to lately? Have you looked into or considered solar? A solar water heater? A more fuel efficient car? A true Staycation? A rock solid commitment to buying from locally owned businesses – especially when eating out or going for gelato? Buying your books from a used bookstore (like Bookmans) most of the time? NEVER saying yes to plastic bags – even at the drugstore, convenience store, clothing store, ANY store? I’m giving myself an A+ on this one. Haven’t switched to solar but do purchase community solar blocks from TEP – our local utility company.

Dark Green – here’s where it gets dicey. As Mrs. “Hope, Possibility, and Change” Green, how far may I/should I go to expose people to “The Dark Side”? Dark green to me (and only to me) is pretty much sourcing where your food comes from, especially if you still eat meat, to make sure cruelty free is a 100% certainty. It’s also buying organic produce, not eating things from cans and looking for the Fair Trade label when it comes to things like chocolate. Dark greenies usually limit their use of vehicles, have a garden, often raise their own chickens, compost, would never use a plastic bottle, store things in glass containers, and don’t purchase paper towels. These are some examples but we all get it. It’s still not the dark side – just living a more sustainable life in more ways.

Here’s the conundrum to me. Do I share with the tribe things like this clip  – the work of Chris Jordan, who had the courage to film the real dark side of the impact of massive consumerism? Do I post on Facebook or send out a tweet about the Tyson film I saw that made me sob and vow to NEVER put a piece of Tyson chicken in my mouth again? Do I warn you that the content is “disturbing” – a euphemism for gross, awful, horrific, sickening? It’s so awful that YouTube makes you click on a warning button regarding the contents before you can view it! Are we all ready for dark green? How ready?

I am getting to a place where I believe time is running out. I feel as though I have to both face and share more of the dark side because we all need to know. We have to know where our bottle caps and tooth brushes and plastic bags go. We have to stop being such massive consumers of stuff. We have to face that plastic is killing us – slowly but surely. We have to see the brutally harsh mistreatment of animals and not buy from companies who continue to abuse them – for profit. We have to put on our big green panties (I had to say that – sorry), face what’s happening and make some more changes. And we have to help each other realize that to know better is to do better and we all can. Hope, possibility, and change.

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Good news update #1

The contest continues AND the BIG winner of the stay Miraval will be announced in the next newsletter. You still have this week and next to enter. Winners of the Mindful Eating cookbook have been from Arizona, Colorado, New York, and California. Take 20 seconds, answer the questions this week and next and see yourself at Miraval. (Sitting next to me at the Spa?)

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Good news update #2

At press time, pledges in Golden Eagle Distributors & Budweiser the Grow One, Save a Million campaign in support of World Environment Day on June 5th have reached a total 659,998 gallons. The pledge? Men not shaving for one month – thus the grow one, save a million message. Their Facebook page is hysterical.