I got an email yesterday that just kind of stayed with me all day and again today.  It reminded me once again why I love being Mrs. Green.  It’s all about the great, caring, giving, honest, authentic people I get to meet and spend time with. Of course not all of them are but yes – the majority. They donate their time and money and expertise at the same time they are trying to grow their businesses. They sustain me daily.

Here’s the email:

“I forgot to thank you yesterday for the shout out to GeoInnovation on your show with Kevin last Saturday.    We have some exciting projects coming up this spring with an install at La Paloma Family Services, an install at the new HabiStore, and an install of solar modules on a Habitat for Humanity home. I will keep you posted as these projects progress.   We are hopeful these types of projects will continue to convey a positive image of solar in the Southwest.

I appreciate your continued advocacy for the green community and I look forward to hearing your radio show and running into you at events in 2011.



Talk about positive and affirming. And it’s easy to talk about how great GeoInnovation is because they are such good stewards of the community. I  love hanging out with my fun, fellow greenies.