There are a number of ways to keep your home cool while still keeping our environment green. Consider these tips:

* Check and change your AC or Evaporative Cooler’s filters regularly. Clean filters help your unit run more energy efficiently, and better collect pollutants in the air improving your indoor air quality.

* Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat, some are as inexpensive as $50. By programming your thermostat to raise your home’s temperature when your family is not at home can significantly impact your energy savings. However, when you are not at home do not turn your unit off. The energy needed to completely re-cool your home is significant.

* If possible install dual cooling units in your home. Use one ac unit for sleeping areas and another for daytime home activities. This can add up to significant savings during the summer.

* Consider purchasing a more efficient AC system with a higher seer rating. Seer ratings are comparable to Miles Per Gallon (MPG) ratings. The higher seer rating the more energy efficient your unit will be. AC units now come with seer ratings as high as 18. United States Laws now regulate the lowest seer rating sold as 13.