Now I would like to tell you a story about a boy who did – just one thing. Enter Finn! Finn is 8 years old and is yet another reason why I clearly suffer from chronic optimism. I could try to paraphrase what Finn is doing but I know I couldn’t do it justice – so here goes:

Hi, my name is Finn. And I’ve been saving my money all summer so I can do something to help the environment. My Dad told me about how plastic bags are killing sea animals and some land animals too! The animals eat the bags cause they think they’re food. The bags get stuck in their bellies and then they starve to death! SO…I decided I’d buy a bunch of reusable shopping bags and give them away to people FOR FREE!!!!!!

I hope you’ll use my bags and not plastic bags, so we don’t have so many plastic bags in our environment.

Here’s a picture of a sea turtle to help you remember….Thanks, Finn.

Think of the turtle and use reuseable bags!

Once you read this could you ever forget? I can’t imagine anyone saying no to Finn. Just one little boy and just one thing. Chronic optimism indeed.

Little factoid reminder: Every five seconds, Americans use 60,000 plastic bags. Look around you when you are in the grocery store and you will sadly see that most of us are not doing this one thing. So please – go put your reusable bags in the car AND take them in with you whenever and wherever you shop. Think of Finn’s turtle!