Wrong!  Here’s the skinny on why you don’t want to throw grease down your drain EVER.  In other words, you do NOT want the Grease Monster to get you.

1. It could clog your pipes

2. It could cause costly repair bills

3. It could cause RAW sewage to back up into your home.  (This is NOT a fear tactic. It has happened.)

4. It causes damage in the storm water run-off pipes (translation – taxpayers money to repair them.)

So what’s a person to do – especially those big bacon eaters & turkey deep-fryers out there?  Fear not.  ALWAYS collect your grease in a can, cover it tightly and dump it into your trash. Simply, easy and everybody wins – including Mother Earth.

But if you want to have some fun, be a part of an eco-friendly community event  and maybe even teach your kids, family & friends about what to do with  grease, read on. Pima Association of Governments (PAG) Clean Cities Coalition and some other great community partners have a great Day-After-Thanksgiving Grease Collection Event planned. Collect your grease, pour it into a can & bring it to one of the numerous sites throughout Pima County on Friday, November 29th. The collected grease will be processed and recycled into biodiesel – a cleaner burning fuel that can reduce our dependence on petroleum.  Is there a down side?

turkeyI heartily invite you to  get your grease on, get a group together and maybe even plan on a Day-After-Thanksgiving hike or healthy picnic. (A Great Green Grease Gathering?) Can’t make it?  Have a listen to Colleen Crowninshield explain why she is so excited about this event year after year! 

Want to know where to go?  You are just  one click  away from the Grease Monster & possible plumbing problems.  Let PAG gobble up your grease… I just had to say that.

Happy, healthy & grease collecting Turkey Day!

p.s.  For the little girl and boy that lives in each of us or for the little boys & girls out there, here’s an added bonus.   A Tucson Fire Department fire truck and crew of firefighters will be at O’Reilly from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. to help with the first grease pour. And if you are interested in a very easy way to give back, you can bring an unwrapped toy to O’Reilly or Irvington locations to donate to the Toys for Tots program.