Never, and I mean, never does the possibility of jumping off the healthy eating path challenge us more than when we take road trips.  Eating unhealthy road trip food must be programmed in our DNA and this year, I am going to beat it.  I am attaching a link to a somewhat long but very fun & informative article from The Daily Grist about great solutions – up to & including how to minimize the resultant trash that comes with packing your own food.  It is well worth the read & saving for reference for the next road trip. But if you are not inclined to read the long version – one word sums it up: preparation!  Fresh fruit, cheese slices, healthy yogurt, pbjs on healthy bread using healthy peanut butter & jelly. For that crunchy, salt treat I crave? I am going to be working on making kale chips with healthy things on the chips to spice them up.  To your road trip health!

And as always, I end this short missive with my request to have you listen in to green talk radio every Saturday at 12 AZ time.