Jason is one of those people who walks the walk, who never stops thinking about ways to find solutions to global environmental challenges and who actually comes up with them. Under Jason’s leadership, The Fairfax Companies is a well-respected leader in the construction waste industry, clearly demonstrating that it IS possible to implement sustainable business practices profitably. They continue to fulfill their mission to find or create markets for ALL waste disposal in construction and demolition landfills. Jason makes you want to talk about waste. Joining Jason will be special guest David Cohn, the southwest regional representative for Bactifeed. The Bactifeed Soil System is specifically designed to continually revitalize your soil, improve water penetration and enhance fertilizer availability to growing crops. I call it one of nature’s miracles and it turned the plants in my front yard into an amazing, healthy, blossoming landscape. Jason and David will discuss  how they hope to grow their businesses through a mutually beneficial partnership. This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.