The beginning of a new year is always an ideal time to commit yourself to making a change in your life. For this new year, why not make a GREEN resolution? From resolving to use fewer paper towels to deciding to switch to a composting toilet- every little change is a great step. And Mrs. Green wants to hear what green resolutions you’re making for 2011!

During January 2011, readers sent Mrs. Green their Green New Year’s Resolutions and one randomly selected winner received a S’well bottle and a Mrs. Green reusable bag to help with two of Mrs. Green’s favorite resolutions: no more plastic bottles and no more plastic bags!

Winner of the New Year’s Resolution Contest:

Angela Burton of Oro Valley, AZ

My business (Young Rembrandts of Tucson) joined up with TerraCycle to upcycle all of our markers and inket cartridges and more! I didn’t know they had brigade to recycle markers and I’m so happy about that! We go through so many markers and now we can keep them out of the landfills while earning $ for scholarships for less fortunate kiddos to be able to take YR classes. Yay!

Your Green New Year’s Resolutions:

“Continue to instill in my son the importance of taking care of our planet. This Sunday we went to the park for a picnic. Instead of playing he asked if we could pick up liter to make it “safer for the little kids”. He is 4.”

– Jenn Zupancic

“To cut our water usage by 25% We’re researching the best showerheads to install to reduce the use of gallons per minute (and we will replace all three heads in the house), we’ve removed high water consumptions plants in the yard, replacing them with varities of cactus, and we’re considering a tankless water heater.”

– Diana Patane

“Healthy, more affordable and sustainable eating is my goal for the year. I do so many “green” things personally and professionally, but realized that, as a “frequent diner” I really need to examine my eating habits – for my own health, for my pocketbook, and for the environment. When the doctor has told me three years in a row to examine my diet (and lose some weight through regular exercise, which I did get going), when my bank statements reflect hundreds and hundreds of dollars of food purchases every month (more of it at restaurants than on groceries), and my environmental and social awareness begins to really nag at me as to the impact of the sheer volume of food that I consume – it was a long-overdue resolution – dare I say – commitment – that I needed to make. I want to be able to share the extra dollars, better health, and – well, I’m still a bargain hunter, but be able to share my love of food with those I care about and those who need the help!”

– B.J. Cordova

“To conserve natural resources and protect the environment in every way that I possibly can; to conserve my personal resources and inner peace by not stressing over that which I have no control.”

– Bonnie Lewis

“I love to drink plain carbonated soda water with a little juice but end up tossing gobs of plastic bottles into the recycle bin. I’m going to purchase a Sodastream soda machine and eliminate the bottles entirely. The big bonus is that it will more than pay for itself!”

– Bonnie Gonzales

“#1 of course is Mrs. Green’s favorite resolutions: no more plastic bottles and no more plastic bags!
#2- While washing dishes in the sink I am going to catch all running water and use it to water my wife’s beautiful vegetable and flower gardens.
#3-My GREEN Consumer Resolution is to buy Local produce, eat at local restaurants.”

– Kevin Nichols

“ please pass it on so that everybody will join to build ecoliners and to buy our goods, transported from us to you, without CO2.16 !! of the biggest ships produce the SAME EMISSION as ALL cars world wide.!! did you know that?”

– Martin

“As I looked at all of my grandchildren and their toys on Christmas, I thought why not start a re gift birthday party trend. I don’t know of a young mother who doesn’t think her kids have too many toys. Each child just brings one of their gifts that they don’t use anymore. Just thought I would pass this along.”

– Judy

“Although I’m fairly good with recycling, I want to become much better and learn exactly where to ‘dispose’ of my various items. I also want to use many more recyclable materials this year.”

– Laine Seaton

“Kicking my Ziplock bag addiction. I’m switching to glass storage containers instead of adding more plastic to the landfills. (I won’t be in the drawing, but wanted to go public with my resolution.)”

– Cindy Godwin

“Buy less stuff (and for stuff I really want/need, consider 2nd hand sources). Waste less food by better managing produce and other perishables. Be more aware and proactive about reducing water and energy consumption.”

– Melissa Miller

“To live more consciously in every area of my life and to spend more time in Greer with family and friends. Balance! I know I can’t win but I can share.”

– Gina Murphy-Darling

“To use my re-usable bags at the grocery store every time.”

-Anika Jackson

“To drive less in Los Angeles!”

-Jasmin Morad

“To use my recycling bag at the grocery store instead of using plastic or paper bags. ”

-Brandy Lakis

“To learn and educate myself on ways I can live and be more GREEN!:) Find ways to recycle and cut waste.”

-Cheryl Lacsina

“1. To use even less water while washing dishes.
2. To ALWAYS unplug chargers and non essential electronics when they are not being actively used (this will also save on the electric bill).
3. Bring and use my recycled bags to the store and if I forget the bags just carry the items. ”

-Coppelia Tarantal

“We have a home based business and we are making a HUGE effort to be more green this year.

We are emailing all invoices instead of mailing them – this not only saves paper for the invoices but the envelopes and saves money on postage.

We have switched all of our statements for our bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, etc. to paperless statement and online banking.

Since we work from home, we try to make our appointments only 2 days a week so that we don’t have to drive around as much which saves on gas, wear and tear on our cars and also on all of energy/electricity involved in taking extra showers, blow drying/curling hair, etc.

These are just some of the “green” things we have implemented this year and will continue going green as we move forward.”

– Jennifer Schiavone

“Several new initiatives to be sustainable:
1. I re-use ziplock bags (my Mom used to do this too!)
2. I re-use aluminum foil
3. I will not use styrofoam cups, plates, etc.
4. Any left over take home food from restaurants will go in aluminum foil, not in styrofoam containers
5. Gift wrap paper is out. All gifts will be given in gift bags.
These are the first steps for me and Rob!”

-Sue DeBenedette

“I am going to bring a reusable bag every time I go grocery shopping and make sure I keep extras stored in my car at all times.”

-Katie Darling

“This probably is a common one, but if everyone resolved to do this, what a difference it would make to our environment. I resolve to STOP using plastic grocery bags and plastic water bottles.”

-Susan Magnuson

“I will remember to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. ”

– Samantha McCandless

“After reading Catherine Friend’s book, The Compassionate Carnivore (, my husband and I have decided that we are going to try our very hardest to only eat meat that we “know” about. We want to know where our meat was raised, how it was fed, how it was finished, how it was treated, how it was slaughtered. In addition, we want to find meat only raised in Arizona (slow we are lowering our carbon “hoofprint” as well). So far, we have found San Rafael Valley Grass-Fed Beef ( I love the way Sidney cares about her cattle and is considerate when she takes them to slaughter. We have yet to find chickens raised in Arizona the way we would like. Chickens are not included in the Humane Slaughter Act so it is proving difficult to find compassionately cared for and slaughtered chickens. The hunt continues or the chicken eating doesn’t! PS – The beef from San Rafael is INCREDIBLE. There is such a different taste to grass-fed, cared for cattle.”

– Kristen Culliney