Isn’t it inspiring when you read a story about a government program that is  really helping people be  good neighbors?  I know there are lots of good government programs that we take for granted so if I can raise some awareness about a good one when I hear about it, I’m happy to do just that. Here we go…

The Travel Demand Management (TDM) Program  at Pima Association of Governments  has selected the second neighborhood for its Tucson On The Move program. And the purpose of Tucson on the Move? To work with a single neighborhood to  improve awareness of the available transportation options and to increase usage of all active kinds  of transportation – like biking, walking and riding the bus.  PAG picks neighborhoods that are just right for biking and walking, and that  have  access to a variety of bus routes and valuable community resources – like  shopping within walking distance, an active neighborhood association, a school, and a mix of housing types and income levels. Makes sense to me!

So how’s it going?  Good news on that front. The Keeling neighborhood was the first On The Move neighborhood.  The program ran as a pilot study from January to May 2012 and showed positive increases in awareness of the Fontana bike boulevard and more likelihood that participants will choose to bike and walk in their neighborhood.  Since the end of the pilot study the residents in Keeling have become more engaged and active in their neighborhood:  new bus stops have been installed on 1st Avenue, Keeling Desert Park has been adopted by the neighborhood association, Keeling was an activity hub on the Cyclovia 2 route, and residents designed, constructed and installed a beautiful public art piece on the Fontana Bike Boulevard. It other words, it’s becoming more of a real old-fashioned neighborhood!

Ready to launch On The Move neighborhood Number Two:  Palo Verde.  Palo Verde is located in mid-town Tucson between Speedway and Grant and Country Club and Alvernon.  The neighborhood Association  has enthusiastically welcomed this project and looks forward to the kick-off event scheduled for  October 26.  PAG has developed a Palo Verde neighborhood map that highlights the many merchants, parks, schools, and other community resources that are in the neighborhood and accessible by foot, bike or bus.  Lots of fun  events and activities are planned from November to April including bike rides to the Loop, neighborhood walks, free bike repairs, Kidical Mass ride, neighborhood walking audit, bike safety classes, and a treasure hunt.  Want to know more?  I can help you with that! Visit  for a complete calendar of events. Get active. Be active!

High five to Pima Association of Governments  from the Mrs. Green team for creating events that engage people and for  helping them to connect in ways that are fun AND good for the planet!