What’s Green About This Workplace?

“Intuit is dedicated to reducing not only our carbon footprint but that of our customers as well. Our facility has been awarded the Water Smart award by Tucson water company for our water conservation efforts. We have installed Smart Strips for our computers, light sensors in meeting rooms, upgraded to more efficient computers, and many other energy saving measures. We have new printers that default to double sided printing as well as encouraging people to not print documents unless necessary. We have not only recycling bins around the facility but also at each employees desk. We also have several Terracycle collection bins for collecting chip and candy wrappers.

Our green team hosts events like our Earth Day Spring Greening where we collected used cell phones, used shoes, clothing, books and e-waste and everything was then donated to various charities. We have adopted Drexel ave near our facility to reduce the trash that accumulates in the local neighborhood. Intuit offers incentives for things like biking and vanpool as well as work from home employees. We have carpool parking spaces. Our cafeteria vendor uses local and organic products whenever possible as well as containers that are made from sustainable materials. On top of all the great things the company does to reduce our impact we also have developed tools to help our customers be green.

We encourage customers to download our products whenever possible. We have also developed special apps like our Intuit Green Snapshot that lets QuickBooks users upload their data to see their carbon footprint, ideas on how to reduce it and more. Our Freecycle@Work program allows businesses to set up their own internal Freecycle exchange program.”

“I am really proud and inspired of the work that Crystal, John, and others at the Tucson site do to consider the environment.”

“We have smart saver power strips, we use dual flushing toilets. Our printers print 2 sided by default. Carpooling is actively promoted and practiced. We have adopted a part of Drexel for roadside cleanup and take great pains to make sure the area in front of the middle school is clean and safe. Recycle bins are everywhere, even at our own desks. The coffee machines have been adjusted to accomodate a travel mug. You get discounts at the coffee shop if you use your own cup. Just recently, we had a “swap” where employees brought in things they wanted to get rid of. It was all free, you just took something if you wanted it. Anything that was left was sent to Goodwill. These are just a few of the many creative and effective ways that Intuit works to leave a smaller footprint.”

“Intuit’s also actively promoted the RideShare program for many years.”

“I think the Tucson Intuit site is really doing a lot to support a greener, more eco-friendly model.”