Bear with me. Mrs. Green’s World is having a contest (does one HAVE a contest?) called “Who’s The Greenest of Them All.” I promote it on green talk radio, all the members of the Mrs. Green team are on board & are personally spreading the word, friends and family of nominees are spreading the word.  And that’s all good.

Here’s what’s phenomenal. After less that two weeks we have almost 10,000 votes. Yes, we care about that but maybe not for the reasons one might think. We are beyond thunderdome excited because people who are visiting our website are finding out about our great sponsors like Chapman & The Fairfax Companies & TEP. And I know people are reading about these companies because they are telling me just that. We love that.

We are also thrilled because WellHome, the major sponsor for this contest, is getting more word out about their company  than we promised them. They passionately stepped into and embraced Mrs. Green’s World but who are they? Are they sustainable?  Are they eco-friendly? Are the passionate about preservation of the planet? Of course they are. Their energy audits clearly provide you with information about how to make your home healthier, about how to make changes to conserve energy – from windows, to lighting, to insulation, to air ducts.  They’ve got it all going on.

Guess what Mrs. Green loves the most about WellHome?  Their customers say wonderful things about them. That’s really what matters – trust & loyalty on a grand scale. So it’s not just a vote or a contest or a mindless exercise. The contest is about connecting sustainable communities around the globe & about reading stories of every day green heroes making a difference for the planet.   There is just no downside.