When I got this email from my friend Scott from Legendary World, I immediately thought: guest blog.  It’s just reassuring to know when dots connect in Mrs. Green’s World and this is a great example of just how it happens.  Scott, thanks for sharing and WellHome, thanks for doing such great things for the planet. This information is great to know on so many levels.

Hi Mrs. Green,

 I recently had an incredible experience with WellHome that I had to share with you!  It was at GreenFest that I met Alan Kennedy and some of his team.  At first I was a little leery, hearing about their Home Energy Audit and “guarantees”.  Well, they are AMAZING!  We have just completed the second phase of the program and I am very excited to get the work done on the house, conserve energy, make it a better living environment and save money!

 During the first phase they came out to the house and did all kinds of cool scientific tests.  Pressurizing the house to see where air was escaping, using thermal imaging to see where heat was escaping and seeping into other parts of the house and then just reviewing and measuring all aspects of the house.

 During the second phase they came back to the house, after running all this information through a very sophisticated computer modeling program.  They were able to show me exactly where the house was leaking energy – with pictures.  The thermal imaging showed heat escaping into the attic, where there were spots that were under insulated.  The ducts were leaking cold air into the attic, wasting energy and money.

 They were also able to show me exactly how much I would save on my monthly bills, as well as apply for the rebates on the project for me, and all I had to worry about was the net cost.  I can’t wait to get started!  Thanks so much for introducing me to such a professional, competent and caring company.  I’ll keep you abreast of the progress as we get the work completed on my home.

 Scott Caddow

Legendary World

“One Planet, Seven Continents, Millions of Experiences”

Scott is a featured guest (and proud partner) on Mrs. Green’s World’s green talk radio show & WellHome is a proud parnter of Mrs. Green’s