man sitting at the top of a mountain looking looking across vast scenery consisting of lake, forest, and mountains

This year, perhaps more than ever, summer will promote the desire to travel. The impact of our adventure can either work toward the conservation of the environment and the preservation of the culture of the places we visit, or it can add to the stresses that put that area at risk. Being an informed traveler is key so that we can positively participate in ecotourism. Sustainable ecotourism matters and understanding how to identify when you are being an ecotourist is key! 

If you are curious about ecotourism, it’s benefits and how to be sure that you are practicing ecotourism, we have a great place for you to start. This January 2021 article, What is Ecotourism? The Good, The Bad and the Importance of Sustainable Ecotourism, from Susanna Kelly-Shankar featured on Curiosity Saves Travel, will get you on your way. Happy and sustainable travels to you!