In keeping with my 2011 “living consciously in all areas of my life,” travel comes up. The biggest challenge for our family for road trip travel is to prepare healthy meals along the way. It’s not easy to find a healthy place to eat when travelling on Interstates or through small towns. Fast food is finally making me sick for the most part  and that is a good thing. (Not much eco-friendly about them including styrofoam, plastic everything etc.)  I admit I do succumb to some dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups occasionally but that’s all good. We are making progress and made healthy sandwiches on the way back from our cabin in December. It’s all about the preparation!

For planning a big trip, if you use a travel agent, find out about his/her eco-friendly interest/knowledge level. My friend Scott Caddow from Legendary World is not only a great guy, he touts and shouts about his going green journey. He knows eco-destinations to a fare-thee-well, he has a GREEN travel app for his phone so that he can calculate carbon impact of driving vs. flying & he gets great information on sustainable practices from places where we are considering staying.  And did I say his is wonderful and fun?  My entire family calls him Uncle Scott and there’s a reason for that. (

Regardless of where you go or how you book your travel, I ask you to consider doing is consciously considering the impact on our planet. To your health!