This is one I can’t stop writing about and for good reason – I live more and more consciously because I want to live long!  My choice for hair color & hair products is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon called VerVe. I like it there, I like the friendly relaxed atmosphere, I love the convenience. But why I go there is because I know that the products being put on my hair and skin are plant & botanically based. Aveda doesn’t claim organic.  I know that Aveda as a company recycles, supports water projects all over the globe and that they care about the SOURCING of their products – ever so increasingly important to me. I can take my bottle caps there & Aveda makes them into shampoo containers!

Are Aveda products the absolute purest on the market? Nope? Are they 100% plant and botantically based?  Nope – 97-98% good enough for me. VerVe & Aveda walk the “in the right eco-friendly, sustainable partner” direction that works for me right now.

And as Mr. Green  says: ”It doesn’t stink when you go in there.”  Does it get any better than that?

Please do your homework on what’s safe, what’s not and who is lieing to you about their products.  It’s shocking, sad and greenwashing.  And your health depends on it.