I was involved in a conversation the other day when someone mentioned they were going to Barnes & Noble to look for a particular book. I instantly asked them if they had considered checking with our locally owned used bookstore, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.  “No, I hadn’t thought of that but I will check them out.”  It was that easy.

In my never-ending commitment to live a more sustainable, lighter carbon footprint life, that one was a no brainer because I have re-trained my brain.  I pretty much think in a  locally owned, recycled, no thank you to the plastic bag way.  It feels really good and I want to figure out how to spread the joy.  Why ever buy a new book when you can almost always find a “nearly” new one at Bookmans? Save money, support the locals. Perfect sense, right?

My invitation?  Pick ONE habit you would like to change, focus on just that one and stick with it until it just comes to you naturally. No brainer?  It’s such a fun journey & maybe I should bring it up on green talk radio!