People in social media always caution not to complain or sound whiny. I agree.  But what about the platform for sharing  an honest, from the heart, deeply felt frustration?  I am going to go with my gut here and give myself permission.  People have choices and I can’t make (nor would I want to) anybody read this.

Here’s the frustration.  I am having one of the most incredible human beings living on the planet on my show. He wants to put everyone on high alert about massive consumerism before it’s too late.  I have shared on my Facebook page how important, on purpose, game changing he is. He cares deeply about all of us, our planet, our wildlife and marine life & works every day. Number of likes?  One. Is it too heavy?  Can people not handle knowing what’s going on? There is no blame in Chris Jordan – just hope for change. Phew – I feel better now.

Here’s what I wrote about him:

Chris Jordan – Internationally Acclaimed Photographer

Perhaps more than any single person, the works of Chris Jordan  have impacted my work as Mrs. Green. His photographs are life changing, daunting, depressing, and yet at the same time inspirational. Chris is a game-changer and a one of a kind messenger who boldly, and at times brutally, helps look at man’s impact on Planet Earth. From waste to greed to international connection with our planet, Chris Jordan is helping to build a quiet revolution — one in support of world peace and one in which we all live consciously. I am honored to be interviewing him.

Here’s to doing what I’m doing because it’s the right thing to do. Hope you will listen to Chris’s show or visit his website or take a look at the three-minute trailer: