Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t fake passion or enthusiasm or excitement.  I either have it or I don’t and am about as transparent as plastic wrap (bad analogy, I know.)

So, I am excited about my Honda Insight. I am passionate about preservation of the planet, and am proud of my partnership with Chapman Tucson. I was downright ecstatic when I read the article that Neb Yonas, from Chapman,  sent to me about Honda and their corporate stewardship that has been in place since green was just a pretty color. 

Sharing is caring and I couldn’t say any of this better if I tried.  Given the tragedy ever-emerging in the Gulf and the continued reports of the devastation on so many levels, take the time out of your busy life to read this.  And make a very conscious choice to drive less and to buy a more fuel efficient car when you choosing your next vehicle:

The attached article, which appeared in the March 2010 issue of the National Resources Defense Council magazine OnEarth,  examines Honda’s environmental heritage.   It notes Honda has always followed its own path, especially with regard to fuel efficiency and emissions, starting with the CVCC engine and that it “has compiled a long history of introducing progressively cleaner, less polluting products to the American automobile market.”  In noting that Honda has been singled out as the most environmentally responsible automaker by advocacy groups, academics and industry analysts, the author also observes that this strategy has been good business.  The author explores whether Honda’s environmental leadership has contributed to its financial success.    

We are sending the article not only because it is an interesting overview of Honda’s technology, but because it also demonstrates part of Honda’s overall value to America – technological leadership in areas that are important to our nation’s well being.

Toni Harrington
Assistant Vice President
Government Affairs