I believe it is EVERY bloggers dream to write a blog and see the comments start rolling in.  It affirms you (at least I am hoping it will when it happens to me!) I am thrilled when one person takes the time to read my blog AND takes the time to comment. Well, I read one such blog recently & have been amazed not only by the quantity of the responses but by the QUALITY of the responses.  It so good, I feel compelled to share.

The blog, written by Miranda Farley,  is about the new reusable Starbucks cup that you can purchase for a $1. The blog is excellent in every way – engaging, fun, informative and thought-provoking. Ms. Farley begs the question: is the cup green or is the effort greenwashing?  The responses to the blog are equally engaging.  I cannot believe all the work people did to write contemplative, insightful and content rich responses.   In other words – Miranda hit a chord and my hats off to her on many many levels. The cup in question….

Want to read it for yourself?  I hope so. Here is the link: Starbucks Recycable Plastic Cup: Green of Greenwash?

As for Mrs. Green?  I shall continue to keep writing from my heart about things that matter to me & sharing other great blogs when I find them.  I like being the big green dot connector. It sustains me and hopefully helps us all with living green.