When I received this email last night, I was honestly thrilled on so many levels it’s challenging to articulate.  First of all, she is RIGHT!  I did misspeak on my radio show.  How respectful and true the comment/feedback was.  It brought to mind what one of my guests, Mayor Dixon from Greensboro, Kansas, said on my show and I shall never forget it. We have forgotten to be civil to one another – especially the politicians in Washington.  Not so with this email. Civil and informative.

So – here is the content of the email and my only hope is that this is the first of many and that Mrs. Green’s blog will create a forum around the world where people will have important conversations and be able to disagree and move forward in the direction of a more sustainable, alive and engaged global population.

“M” writes:

Love your program!  Only wish I could always tune in but not always possible at noon on Saturdays! 🙁
Today you noted that you had heavily researched climate change and concluded that (less than) 2% of the world’s scientists disagree with global warming.  The issue I take with that is in the context of verbiage actually – I doubt anyone would disagree that there is global warming – the earth is and will forever be in flux – change!  I doubt there are ANY scientists who do not believe the earth is warming – if there are they need to find other work.  Now what I think you intended to say and so many don’t say this which causes the misunderstandings and debates – 2% of the world’s scientists disagree with man-caused global warming!  There’s a big difference. 
The earth is warming (again!) and it will undoubtedly cool again and then warm again etc. 
The debate is how much of an impact mankind has on causing these changes to happen.  The earth warmed, cooled, warmed again long before man even walked on it…. and it will continue after man is gone. 
Does mankind contribute to the warming?  I would think so.  Cause and effect cannot be denied but the extent could be miniscule and not the contributing factor.
I agree with you – whether we’re contributing heavily or not towards climate change; let’s do what’s right for our home planet as well as for the rest of the universe!  For example, let’s not make space our dumping ground!
I hope I somehow got my view across…. I couldn’t call in so decided to try an email.
Thanks for your program and efforts to make this a better place than we found it!”

Thank YOU for caring enough to share this.