Ever think about the ultimate impact of  buying a plastic water bottle ? Ever think you might be putting a hole in the sky? Thanks to my friend Tesa for gifting me with the book of poetry Grasshopper Guru by Jane Brunette and for her thinking of me when she read this particular  poem.  Definitely green food for deep thought & action.



The world depends on me

Attending to what is small.

Busy with significance,

I bought take out

And threw away the packaging.


I forgot my water bottle,

got thirsty, bought a plastic one.

Because isn’t that just a detail?

Tiny, compared to the real problems

out there, that they need to fix?


I know the truth now.

There are no small transgressions.


My heedless bottle

is the stench of burning plastic.

It is the oil spill in the Gulf,

Children with birth defects

on the banks of the Amazon,


the hole in the sky.


Jane Brunette


Rememeber, in my world I don’t tell you what to think, I just want you to.