From grocery bags to plastic bottles to cigarette butts to flip-flops & everything in-between – trash travels. From our lands to our lakes to our streams to our oceans – if we litter (and sometimes even when we don’t) whatever “it” is could end up in the water threatening marine life and damaging fragile ecosystems every day.

I read a story about a plastic bag  that was actually tracked. From a shopper leaving a grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee to the bag blowing off a picnic table in Overton Park, landing in a storm drain, flowing into the Mississippi River, travelling downstream to Gulf of Mexico where a sea turtle mistakes the bag for a jellyfish, eats it and dies.  Sound like a stretch?  It’s not!  Not convinced? Check out environmental photographer Chris Jordan’s film Midway.  You will never feel the same about a bottle cap again.  Not ever. And, hopefully, you will dispose of your bottle caps properly for the rest of your life.

In case you are interested in learning more about Chris Jordan and his amazing, powerful journey to becoming one of the most recognized environmental photographer and film maker on the planet, listen right here on green talk radio. Chris is one of my heroes.