Short but sweet.  No surprise how much I love being Mrs. Green on green talk radio.  Also no news about how many amazing, wonderful people I have met from around the country on this journey – making a sustainable difference in their corner of the world every day. Top of my list today: Patricia & Bake Shaffer & Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry.

It was not surprising to read in the local paper last week about “Dry Cleaner Donates Services for Charity.”  Yes, it is Shaffer Dry Cleaning donating their services to Angel Charity for Children. Angel Charity hosts something called Bags, Baubbles & Ballgowns to raise money selling donated  gently used cocktail dresses, gowns & accessories. Shaffer is not only donating all of the dry cleaning for free, you can just drop your things off at any of their locations. All the money raised at the event goes to the charities Angel Charity are supporting this year. Sustainable partnerships come to mind. Gotta love it.

But what Mrs. Green REALLY  loves is that all of these items will be dry cleaned perc free with the most minimal impact on the planet.  There is always something to celebrate in Mrs. Green’s world.