So why my interest, as  a green talk radio show host, in an organiztion founded out of tragedy? Why is the Mrs. Green team gathering the tribe at the Ben’s Bells project  to paint bells this afternoon?  The easy answer is because Jeannette, Dean & Matthew Mare turned horrible tragedy into something so wonderful, awesome and so sustainable & we want to be a part of supporting them.

When their precious Ben died very suddenly at age 3, imagine the impact? I can’t. As Jeannette tells the story (and I won’t do it justice), random acts of kindness rescued her from deep, deep depression. So they did something about it & Ben’s Bells was born.  This is  ALL about sustainability, about sustainable  communities, about kindness and how people can make a difference.  When I was “belled” by Larry Finuf from Wells Fargo for being kind to the environment, it touched me about as much as anything in my professional life. It was his act of kindness & it landed. I want to be a part of giving that joy back.

Please check out the story yourself. It will sustain you & maybe even inspire you to practice random acts of kindness on a regular basis.  Imagine if we started a “world wave!” Again – it’s that old “people say that I’m a dreamer” thing and I know I’m not the only one.

I know you will be touched and I hope you will be inspired to act.