I tend to forget that blogs don’t have to be long. I read Seth Godin’s every day and sometimes he writes five sentences.  But I digress. More frequent short blogs in my future (and hopefully yours.)

Recurring thought: do people really just walk out their door and dump their printer, computer, laptop, cell phone, name-your-favorite electronic device in the garbage? Landfill research would indicate they do. Not recycle? REALLY? Blows my always working overtime green mind.

Alternatives? MANY! If you are in Tucson, you can take all of the above to RISE Equipment Recycling Center (http://riseequipmentrecycling.org/ They recycle everything under the green sun, they have to insure that they sell what they can’t use only to American based companies and then they use the money they make to support social service programs. Is there a downside? Make the effort, be the change, preserve our planet! Find your RISE. Stewardship is ownership.

And did I tell you that I took my old printer there when it finally croaked? Got a replacement for $50, have had it for almost two years, have had it fixed twice and it is still cranking.

Let’s remember – there is no more away.