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Every once in a while, I just have to do the green smorgasbord thing. Green brain overload or something like that. First part of this newsletter is an update to report on myself about what I ought to be doing. Second part talks about “clear as mud” issues to me and questions I don’t believe I quite have acceptable answers to. So please stay here with me and I will do my best to download.

Follow-up to the Mrs. Green Ought-To-Be Doing list:

  1. I ought to be pursuing solar and rainwater harvesting – I have an appointment for October 11th to meet with Kevin Koch from Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) to talk about both. After doing a check-in with my buddies at GeoInnovation and TFS, it struck me once again how respectful they are of each other and about other locally owned solar installers. They all have their strong opinions about the right way to go. They may differ but their commitment to their customers and to integrity in all things stands out above all else. Don’t you love that? TFS does both solar and rainwater so I thought I would start with them. Stay tuned.
  2. I ought to be eating even better – the smoothies are working. I have eaten raw spinach about 8 times in the last two weeks disguised in my smoothie. A record for me. Having totally meatless days. Have not even considered giving up the red wine when the opportunity presents itself. Work in progress.
  3. Resistance TrainingI ought to be doing resistance training – I have never used profanity in one of my newsletters and I never will. Just trust me when I say the trainer my friend Christina found for me tried to kill me last week. Okay – a bit of an exaggeration. I begged for mercy, it fell on deaf ears and my legs are still sore. Fit, fabulous and sixty? It’s going to take a while but I started. Stay tuned for more whining.

On-going unresolved “swirling” dervish green questions:

If lots of us converted to electric vehicles, could the grid handle it? Is that still not burning coal to recharge the vehicle? But it lowers carbon emissions – right?

CornIs corn as ethanol really a greener choice? How much water is REALLY used from seed to gas tank?

Is solar leasing a good idea? Yes, leasing companies get the incentives but at the end of the day, there’s more solar on more homes right? Or is it better to find a financing plan that fits your budget from a locally owned EXPERT who will be there when you need him/her?

What do you with your compost if you don’t have a garden? And if you have all water resistant plants because you live in the desert and if your Mr. Green says “it’s not worth the hassle for just two people.” What to do with my guilt?

How can I buy “greener” clothes? I don’t spend much time shopping but when I do, I get stuck when it comes to things like buying shoes and underwear. Tom’s Shoes is not always the fashion forward look I want, and is ordering organic underwear and having it shipped better than the occasional purchase from a department store? Too much information?

Is buying a book for my iPad better than supporting my local used bookstore (in my case – Bookmans?

Oh the places I go in this crazy, mixed-up green head of mine. No wonder sleep eludes me many nights. Simple steps, one day at a time, name your cliché! YOUR questions anyone?