Anyone who is a follower of Mrs. Green is aware of my obsession with high efficiency toilets and saving water in general. I refer to John Smith from the Arizona Green Plumbers frequently for lots of reasons – including what a great guy he is.  So you can imagine my delight when I received the following email from Bonnie Lewis:

“John Smith, owner of Rooter 2000 (884-0040), installer of my brand new GPF Niagara high-efficiency toilet, was named 2010 Green Plumber of the Year by Green Plumbers USA today. I’m thinking that’s because he was so instrumental in saving my day — $200 installed a new toilet to replace one that was falling apart (jiggle that handle three times, please), wasting water, and caused a major flood in my home this morning at 5:00am (and they took away the old one, no charge). Let’s hear it for John!

Did I tell you that this new toilet uses about 1/3 of the water? Did I mention that it’s quite beautiful (as toilets go …) There’s something very strange about being happy about a toilet, isn’t there?”

Thanks for writing Bonnie and congratulations to John.  Thought for the day:  how green is YOUR plumber?  Commit to sustainability & reduction in your water use. Ask your plumber what his/her commitment is to water conservation.