Books abound on greening your office.  But why should you?  Here are a few green thoughts to ponder.

1. Efficient lights save energy and money on lighting AND reduce the need for air conditioning.  What business owner wouldn’t want to do that?

2. Turning off computers at night and during weekends and holidays can save 500 kWh and $50 EACH per year. It all adds up.

3. Despite promises of the “paperless office,” paper use in the U.S. continues to increase by 20% per year.  What? Really? How can that be and WHY is that?

Care to read, know, do more?  I found a very useful A-Z guide for greening your office. It covers why do it and how to get your team on board.  Just common sense, practical advice and proven tips to save you money. It’s called Greening Your Office – and I hope you do!