Truth be told, I wish I had solar on my house. But I don’t and that’s a story (or sorry excuse) for another day.  But I do care & I do help promote all the great things that Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) is doing to develop alternative energy sources – rigorously.  So walk the walk on this one I am.  It’s called Community Solar and purchased my blocks!

Simply put, you enroll in the program, experience tremendous guilt reduction, and pay $3/mo per block of community solar you purchase. I have visited the solar fields that supply some of the power to my home that are just outside of Tucson. They are vast & TEP is building more because the demand for community solar is there.  If you are a TEP customer, you can read all about it and enroll quickly and easily by clicking right here. The guilt reduction begins to occur when you push “submit.”  Not in Tucson?  Checked a few other sites and found one immediately for Phoenix.  Salt River Project on board.

Until we have more readily available renewable energy sources, this is a GREAT one to support. And did I mention that guilt reduction?

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