Just as we have to feed our bodies with healthy, nutritional food on a regular basis, ever think about how to feed your mind with daily good, green food for thought?

So many choices, never enough time. So I have narrowed it down to three major Mrs. Green picks of daily publications I respect for lots of reasons. If you are looking for a way to nourish your mind, I highly recommend that you subscribe to the following & I think that all three are tied for first place!

Environmental Working Group – (www.ewg.org) Their mission statement: to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment. They have  teams of scientis, engineers, policy experts, etc (you get the picture) that do endless research and experimenting to bring us information I believe we have a right to know. They tell us what’s in our food, what’s in our skincare & other things we put on our body & they do it in a straight forward, forceful and passionate manner. They write about fracking, and pesticides and genetically modified foods.  They want us to think and to have information to protect ourselves and our children. What a concept. And the don’t take funding from ANY special interest groups. I LOVE that!

The Daily Green – (www.thedailygreen.com) I love this publication because it provides green food for your mind on every topic imaginable. Green news, tips & advice, green homes, green cars, green recipes, green gift giving, green cuisine – all delivered to your inbox every day. I also love their search feature because it’s easy to use & provides you with a “one click away” opporunity to search within their site for just about anything green you want to find out.  And it’s fun.

Grist – (www.grist.org) – What can I say?  I love Grist.  Grist is by far the “edgiest” of all three.  Their outstanding team of writers don’t hesitate to tell it like they see it.  You may not always agree, but you will always get some green food for thought.  And they have Umbra!  Truth be told, I am a total Umbra Wanna Be. She is totally outrageous, funny, informative & did I say funny?  I want to be Grandma Umbra & do YouTube videos that are half as funny & informative as Umbra’s. Perhaps you will think her to be a unlikely hero but to me, she is one indeed. You will have to see for yourself.

If you don’t want three more publications in your in-box, pick one and see how it fits.  No matter what, sustain your mind. It is, indeed, a terrible thing to waste!