Even though I know my kids will probably read this, I want to do the disclaimer that this is NOT a hint for my Mother’s Day present.  In fact, I have requested that they not do anything other than call me and let me cry on the phone because we won’t all be together.

What this IS, however, is a chance for me to talk about chocolate (the #1 food of choice for Mrs. Green), about fair trade and about shopping consciously for  this Mother’s Day and for all celebrations in your life.  Educate yourself and know that there is a very dirty side to chocolate. As mothers, we should lead the charge supporting the purchase of chocolate  which was  produced without  involving child labor, that we know was produced by paying our fellow human beings a fair wage for their work, and that is also simply delicious. That leaves out Hersheys.

To that end, if you haven’t purchased anything for your mother yet, my first recommendation is to find a local source where you can make your chocolate purchase, find a pretty reusable bag to put it in and proudly present the finished product to your Mom.  I wish I could do just that.  My other recommendation is to check out one of Mrs. Green’s favorite chocolates on the planet – Taza! There is nothing like it and the company is fair trade, the chocolate is stone ground, organic & out of this world good.

In case you want to order it, here is a direct link:

Taza Chocolates

I am so blessed to have had one of the most wonderful Moms ever. I honestly never met anyone who loved her children or her chocolate more than she did and, yes, she did pass it on.