I wrote my last newsletter about my frustration with why green building is really better building and should be the standard.  You can always read my newsletters on my website or maybe even consider subscribing. The content of this one received quite a few reactions but this one from my friend Cathy Rankin took the organic cake!

“Dear Mrs. Green (my buddy, my pal)
So your newsletter also got ME a bit miffed, since I am in the construction trades and YES the standards should be all of those things you listed under “green building standards”.  YES every job should be done with energy efficiency, water conservation, and quality construction in mind, however, the bottom line is the norm is to do the job as cheaply as possible to 1) entice the paying customer with a “low” bid, and 2) to make an insane amount of profit while giving the customer less than they deserve.

 I agree with you entirely that quality products, quality work, and a focus on what’s best for the planet should truly be the baseline… the minimum standards required. Besides the “green” thing, what if we just all lived by the Golden Rule! Okay, so now I AM SHOUTING! Our company lives and breathes the Golden Rule in everything we do. We are not the cheapest and we have lost sales due to the bottom line dollar, but we do not compromise our standards, no matter what. But consumers really need to know how to shop to ensure they get what they expect, an ethical company providing an ethical product/service. So, imagine this… in 2009 our company won the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award… CAN YOU IMAGINE WE WOULD NEED TO GIVE AN AWARD FOR ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES????? Shouldn’t that also be the standard…

guess you see your newsletter struck a soft spot and I just had to say YES I AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 and I love you,

Cathy Rankin
Temco Air Environmental
WINNER 2009 BBB Ethics Award

WINNER 2005 ASBA Customer Service Award
Heating, A/C
Custom Wine Rooms

Final thoughts? No mystery why I use Temco and why I support locally owned businesses. How could I not love being Mrs. Green with friends like this? And it all started with green talk radio!