I believe that even if you are Oprah or the Dalai Lama, hearing some affirmations from time to time feed your soul. When I got this email today, so very close to the end of the New Year, I admit to shedding a few tears and to feeling affirmed. It’s from Debbie, a member of the Mrs. Green team,  who has helped greatly with growing our presence on Pinterest and with spreading the good green word. She and her husband Jack are moving from Ohio to Florida this Saturday and here are her words – uncut.

Dear Gina –

We are packing up for THE move on Saturday.  We realize we BUY too much and STORE too much.  Going GREEN will even be easier now that we have gone through this process.  BUT, we have recycled SO, SO much.  We only sold a chair and a treadmill (clothes holder, guilt machine!).  We have donated ALL the rest.  We are only taking a few chairs and the dining room table.  No couches, no beds. We just got back from Your Fathers Kitchen and dropped off all of the freezer, fridge goods.  Goodwill knows our car and brings out wheeled big bins to great us.  The Friends of the Library will have a much larger book sale in the spring.  Our used phones went to soldiers and abused women.  Our recycling bin has been overflowing every week.

Without YOU, I’m sure this process would have looked a lot different!  Because of your teaching and your dedication…I am a different person!

Thanks and care on…love deb

And care on we shall!