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I’m fairly certain that people who take the time during this season of giving thanks will have quite a bit to say about their health and the health of their loved ones. Let’s face it – these past two years were the worst of times and the best of times. There has been so much loss and lots of pain for millions. We are a country divided, old paradigms are collapsing and the beat goes on. And yet, I still find my gratitude list to be quite long and deep and wide. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for the millions of people around the globe who are working diligently, passionately and tirelessly to preserve this great planet of ours. Working towards a more sustainable and socially just planet continues to be high on people’s priority list. Young people all over the globe are demanding that we do better and to do “it” faster. World leaders are convening and working towards lowering their greenhouse gases. There is hope, there is progress and there is gratitude in my heart for all of it. 

Thank you for being a part of the Mrs. Green’s World community as we are truly grateful for all of you.

We asked our community to share their gratitudes in celebration of this Thanksgiving season: 

I am so grateful for Gina’s amazing community leadership, her devotion to all things green, and influencing others to do the right thing for our planet. Mrs. Green’s World is impacting many people’s lives with a one-of-a-kind podcast that can’t be missed. In addition, the education, social impact and creativity that Mrs. Green’s World brings to the community ensures that more people are prioritizing climate action each day. Mike P. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sometimes it’s tough for me that in today’s world we go from Halloween straight into Christmas/Chanukah without pausing to realize the importance of this day of gratitude. This year I’m thankful for the authenticity of the people in our community who want to do good. The pandemic has made so many changes in our lives – some for the better, some worse – but overall I’m thankful that there are so many people who care. And not only do they care, they take actions that strengthen our entire community. To me, it’s what makes Tucson and Southern Arizona such a special place to live. Wendy W. 

I am thankful for a beautiful, healthy family, incredible friends and colleagues, a new administration in the White House, a life that gives me opportunities to experience the wonders of science, and hope that keeps us persevering to make our world a better place for all. James B. 

I am most thankful for the health of my family and loved ones. We lost so many loved ones this last couple of years, I am just so lucky to have my health and my loved ones to help me navigate what’s next. I am thankful for a chance to leave this planet a bit better than we found it. I am thankful for the partnership and friendship of advocates here in Tucson and around the globe who see what is possible, a new future is possible, and she is just fighting to be born through our collective action and love. Liane H. 

I’m thankful for all the people like Mrs Green’s World team and tens of thousands of others around the world, who work every day to keep the planet a safe, healthy and thriving system. Julie R. 

Alyssa G. shared: I’m grateful for 

  • The health and wellbeing of my family
  • My pups, Lolli and Nova, who have kept me company the entire pandemic
  • The COVID-19 vaccine
  • The mountains and desert I live and hike in
  • The stability my workplace has provided me during unstable times
  • The margaritas from El Charro
  • The stars that always make me hopeful when I look up
  • The show Ted Lasso
  • The MGW team for their love and support of the entire Tucson community 

And a few notes of gratitude from our online community: 

Walking my dogs and seeing the sunrise this morning

A baby’s smile

Butterflies, bees, bumblebees in my garden this morning

Time to connect with a good friend