As part of my never-ending commitment to help bring about small, meaningful, healthy changes to the planet, I urge you – CHOOSE HORMONE-FREE MILK. Buy only certified organic or milk that carries the words “no artificial hormones.” Conventional dairies inject cows with synthetic recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) aka bovine somatotropin (rbST) to boost production. When you research this topic, you want to stop researching this topic and you will just buy organic milk. Just for a little more albeit somewhat disturbing information, this practice has lead to udder infections, requiring more veterinary antibiotic use and is BANNED in many countries. The US of A not being one of them! You are what you eat? Well, trust me, you are what you drink! So take good care of yourself and your families and instead of “Got Milk?” just ask “Got Organic.”