I love it when members of the Mrs. Green tribe reach out to ask me questions about our partners. In this case, I heard from several people inquiring as to whether or not I knew about a partnership between Goodwill Industries and Tucson Electric Power Company re: really inexpensive CFLs.

Thanks to Kelly Hanson from TEP, I received the answer and it’s a resounding yes. Please see what she writes below and, most importantly, visit your local Goodwill store to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Make your house more energy-efficient, cut down on your electric bill & get familiar with your local Goodwill. Trust me when I say there are treasures to be had.

Here is Kelly’s response:
These stores received their allotment of 28,000 two packs or 56,000 bulbs on or about 6/16/2011.  The busiest stores are selling approximately 100 two packs daily.  At that pace they should sell through in two weeks.  It is difficult to make a call as to when the stores will completely sell through, best guess would be within three weeks.

The stores have a product mix of four SKUs. A 100 watt, 75 watt, 60 watt and a 60 watt A-Line, all are two packs and selling for $1.00.  TEP signage is printed directly on the shipping cartons.  Signage is also in place toenforce the 10 packages per customer.  Pictures are attached.

Another shipment of equal size should be received in the stores in late August or early September.”

Make it a great green day.

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