I don’t know about you but road trips & travel have been synonymous with eating really bad junk food for my family and me. Fritos, Cheetos, candy of all kind, soda, things we NEVER have at home nor would we think about eating on any given day. But road trip?  Bring it on!  Except for an occasional moral lapse, I just can’t do that anymore. I don’t feel good about filling my body with junk.

I have found the key to making better choices is, of course, all in the preparation. Mr. & Mrs. Green took a road trip to San Diego last week & prep we did. These tips might help you. . I packed my organic, fair trade dark chocolate stash,  healthy drinks,  organic tomatoes from the Farmers Market, and some almonds. We also packed stuff to make sandwiches on the road which we deemed better than any fast food choice. Truth be told, some of the fast food chains are attempting to offer some better choices but having your own good stuff will help to lead you not into temptation!

Missing from our road trip prep were fresh fruits, another great choice, but we did actually pack fresh salsa & some healthy crackers instead of tortilla chips for our on the road appetizer.

Would love to hear any creative ideas for healthy road trips you might want to share.