First of all, I am about 99.9% sure golder is not a word. But I love alliteration and it sounds better than “just getting more gold.” Secondly, this blog is not about the bird. It’s about an amazing company called Golden Eagle Distributors.  They are a locally owned family business and happen to distribute Budweiser beer.  Golden Eagle won last year’s “Greenest Workplace” award sponsored by Mrs. Green’s World for their eco-friendly, sustainable practices, are truly green from the inside out & continue to get greener…

So two updates. Blew me away when it was announced at a Clean Cities Coalition meeting a week ago that Golden Eagle is converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. HUGE step, HUGE expense & HUGE improvement for the environment since what they do is drive trucks around all day every day delivering beer.  A+, kudos and way to go. AND Chapman Tucson is the only certified CNG repair facility in Southern Arizona so getting the vehicles repaired locally is another good thing.

Second update: Golden Eagle thinks globally, connects globally and acts locally.  When I got this press release from them, I had to research all of it, loved what I found out, had heard about Chad Pregracke but did NOT know June 5th was World Environment Day. What’s up with THAT, Mrs. Green?  Read on:

“Budweiser Celebrates World Environment Day with ‘Grow One’ Campaign

On June 5, people around the globe will celebrate World Environment Day, a day organized by the United Nations to encourage environmental awareness, education and conservation.

Budweiser is excited to announce our involvement with the 2011 World Environment Day. Did you know that in one week a man can use up to 35 gallons of water shaving? Join
Budweiser and Chad Pregracke for “No Shave to Save” and pledge to help conserve 50 million gallons of water for World Environment Day by not shaving prior to World Environment Day. Sign up at

This new initiative brings Budweiser together with Chad Pregracke of Living Lands & Waters and the River Network to promote water conservation initiatives across the country.

Chad is living proof that one person really can make a difference. He grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River and worked on the river as a commercial fisherman and shell diver. It was during this time that he noticed the ever-growing accumulation of unsightly and toxic garbage on the shoreline. Finding no one to clean up the problem, he decided to take it
on, one piece of trash at a time. In 1998 at the age of 23, Chad founded Living Lands & Waters. Anheuser-Busch has been a proud sponsor of Chad and Living Lands and Waters for 10 years.”

Gotta love it, all of it and I’ve gotta talk about it on green talk radio because it’s what I do!