I just returned from what amounted to 48+ hours in what I am sure is close to heaven on earth. I went with a group of women from an amazing networking group I am blessed to be a part of called Women at The Top. Yes, it was at Miraval. Yes, Miraval is one of the most magical, peaceful, mindful places you could ever want to visit. Yes, their staff, the physical environment they have created, their traditional and wacky, out of the box experiences/ services  inform & delight. Yes, the entire experience provided sustainable food for our bodies, minds & spirits.

Truth be told? I couldn’t help but wonder if there isn’t a solid place in our world for women who simply want to share, talk about,  and have fun conversations about what feeds their souls.  I don’t always want to talk about fracking or reducing, reusing and recycling. I don’t always want to talk about healthier eating and climate change or healthy cleaning products. It does, however, strike me, that I am always interested in hearing from other women about how they sustain their souls – be it their passion for what they do, their deepest fears, their thoughts on how they sustain themselves, pamper themselves, protect themselves from the demands of every day life. What Miraval provided this past weekend was a safe & supportive place for all of us to get out of the fast lane & focus on ourselves & living our life in balance. But we all can’t live at Miraval.

Am I simply crazy or is the world ready for a talk show that provides this kind of forum on a regular basis? And probably – there are great radio shows out there doing just that already.  I have just been too busy to tune in!

Thanks for letting me share.

p.s. If you want to hear straight from the #1 Thought Leader at Miraval, here’s a link to the podcast featuring Michael Tompkins, CEO. http://mgwwebhost.wpengine.com/2012/05/05/michael-tompkins-president-general-manager-miraval-resorts-2/. He became the CEO in late May of this year & he & his team get it about creating the space – for men and women.