(Warning: This One is Really Out There!)

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If you regularly open my newsletter, it won’t surprise you that I love writing it. I have broken the rules of social media on this one, and this is more about me than it is you. But I felt strongly that I had to share it. That’s what makes me tick – I have to get some things out and make space for the plethora of great, new green things wanting to come in.

Sometime last week after a long discussion with my friend Cindy, I decided I had to write about fracking again and that the title of the newsletter would be “What the Frack.” Well, here I sit, hours after I started writing, with many distractions and interruptions in between, finally deciding that fracking will keep and I have to write about how greenties in with girl talk – as in sustaining your soul/spirit. I don’t mean that in a sexist way. I have male friends who fit the description of girlfriends – they are open, they listen, they don’t feel the need for chest pounding, have the courage to offer totally different ways of looking at things, call me out, challenge me. I have jokingly thanked many of them for being in touch with their feminine side.

When I finally stopped trying to finish the fracking topic and wrote a random thoughts blog on how great it would be to either create a venue or join an ongoing conversation about sustaining your soul, it took me less than 15 minutes to complete. So I am serious about this question. Is there a place on our planet for girl talk on a green talk radio show? Green Soul Food? Green Soul Searching? Sharing Your Inner Green? Gluten Free Talk for the Green Soul?

Here’s what started this rant. I just returned from what amounted to 48+ hours in what I am sure is close to heaven on earth. I went with a group of women from an amazing networking group I am blessed to be a part of called Women at The Top. Yes, it was at Miraval, and yes, Miraval is one of the most magical, peaceful, mindful places you could ever want to visit, providing sustainable nourishment for our bodies, minds and spirits; a place where ideas are born.

I couldn’t help but wonder if there isn’t a solid place in our world for women who simply want to share, talk about, and engage in ongoing conversations about what feeds their souls. I don’t always want to talk about fracking or reducing, reusing and recycling. I don’t always want to talk about healthier eating and climate change or healthy cleaning products. It does, however, strike me, that I am always interested in hearing from other women (and men) about how they sustain their souls – be it their passion for what they do, their deepest fears, their thoughts on how they sustain themselves, pamper themselves, protect themselves from the demands of everyday life. What Miraval provided this past weekend was a safe and supportive place for all of us to get out of the fast lane and focus on ourselves — on living our lives in balance. But we all can’t live at Miraval.

Am I simply crazy or is the world ready for a talk show that provides this kind of forum on a regular basis? I am not talking touchy feely, airy fairy, woo-woo here. I am talking about being willing to take a deeper cut about lots of stuff and being willing to share it on the airwaves. I am talking about creating a safe place to engage in conversations that feed the part of us that we neglect the most and probably need to focus on the most these days – our spirit, our soul, our connection with each other.

Thanks for letting me share. I don’t know where this will go but I know that in a world of communicating without really talking to each other (email, FB, twitter, blogging, texting, voicemail), there’s a need out there. Here’s to talking to each other using our actual voices. Stay tuned.

See entire July 18, 2012 newsletter including upcoming radio show guests