Simply put, Spring is a really a fun time in Tucson & lots of other places where Spring has sprung. You get that feeling of wanting to be outside more, it’s easier to get up early and exercise and the weather is delightful.

Would love to share with you two special happenings in Tucson in the weeks to come!

#1 – It’s Cyclovia! Cyclovia is an event that is FUN, free and open to everyone. You can walk, skate, bike, skateboard, and jog the route, so all ages and levels of physical ability are welcome. (In other words, children of all ages!) People will visit neighborhoods in different parts of the city in a casual, hassle-free environment – no cars, no traffic. There are fun activities, music, and food all along the 4 to 5 mile routes. It’s a great way to get more people comfortable biking and walking for transportation. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday with family & friends? Save the dates of April 7th and April 28th AND check out their fun website for more info. And, yes, Mrs. Green will be there with some kind of green bells on!

#2 – Bikefest. Are you ready for this? Bikefest is a MONTH long event to celebrate & support getting your biking on! Pedal the Pueblo? Bike to Work AND School Day? Walk and Roll To School Day? Yes to all of them and so much more. Whet your appetite? I hope so. Check it out because seeing is believing. And believing is “springing” into action.

Have to add just one more very important tidbit. PAG (Pima Association of Governments) is a major sponsor of both Cyclovia and Bike Fest because PAG is a truly a leader in promoting alternative transportation and funding programs that support the mission of the Travel Reduction Program and Sun Rideshare commuter services – increasing alternative mode usage. These community events have been successful in increasing awareness about alternative transportation, promoting more active lifestyles, which should lead to less air pollution, traffic congestion, and gas consumption. I can attest to all of this!

So get up, get on your bike, get up and make it happen!

Hungry for more info? Here are three websites to check out for more great, green info:,,