Received a great response to my March 5th newsletter re: get going, get green, get out of the house and do something! 

Lee Allen writes:

Five days, 500 miles, $500 dollars.  Allow yourself that amount of time and money and drive a 500 mile triangle…which direction is not important, but keep the daily trek to 150 miles or so.  Be daring.  Take a backroad — it leads to somewhere, probably somewhere you’ve never been before or never even knew existed.  I’ve found abundant wildlife, windmills, home cooked meals at tiny cafes, walks in the woods…all kinds of inexpensive adventures.  Pitch a tent one night and sleep under the stars.  Share a bottle of wine and a campfire with someone you love.  Treat yourself to at least one nice overnight lodging, perhaps a B&B or a cabin in the pines — but try to skip the chain motels that all look alike.  Eat fresh fruit for breakfast, buy a loaf of bread and some cheese for dinner, splurge for supper at some place different than you would stop at if you were in your hometown.  Because you don’t know where you’re going when you start out, there are no disappointments…it’s all a new experience no matter the direction you head in…every time. 


Mrs. Green LOVES this idea and I would love to hear from anyone who takes Lee’s advice.