Illustration of earth as covid-19

One of our favorite climate champions is Joel Makower. Joel is the chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group Inc, producer of and lead author of the annual State of Green Business report. The lead article in his April 7, 2020 newsletter asks the question: Can we flatten the curve on climate? Joel shares how “hard (it is) to overstate how much we are experiencing right now, and what we’re learning as a result: What it’s like to isolate ourselves from the rest of society. How to think about the common good while protecting our own well-being and self-interest. How to view a problem simultaneously at the personal, community, national and global scales. What it’s like to be part of a problem that none of us can control, including government at the highest level, but which can’t be remedied without everyone playing their part.” Joel is finding inspiration in what we’re “learning about taking early, concerted action on a catastrophic global problem in order to ensure that we can mitigate its worst impacts.” Read more and be sure to share your thoughts with Joel at the end of the article.

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