It just has to be okay once in a while to simply write about feeling loved & appreciated.  To be totally pithy, what the world really does need now is love, sweet, green love!  Thus my decision to post in its entirety this email from my dear friend Cathy Rankin. She is not only a dear friend but a hard-working, ethical, customer-service local business owner.  So the call to action on this one? Support your local business owner – the foundation of every healthy community.

My Dear Mrs. G,

Your reminder that sustainability begins with each of us, and that play time helps us sustain ourselves, was exactly what I needed to hear at this very day/hour/minute in my life (wow so shocked that you are psychic…..ok not shocked!). I am thinking about getting MMAR tattooed on my forehead so when I look in the mirror I will be reminded to reach out and coordinate the next MMAR gathering! I have been so stretched emotionally and physically between running an air conditioning service business with 107 degree temperature days and caring for my medically challenged parents, I have forgotten to play lately. And there you are, Mrs. Green, nudging me back into balance. Bless your little green heart! Going to Patio Pig night tonight at Jonathan’s Cork, and I will toast my first martini to YOU. And I will also lift my glass to honor Kelly’s grand prize at Miraval! So excited for her!

Of course I watched your video about thinking GREEN when you are planning a party and just know that I am already on board with your suggestions. Diva night at my house entertained some 40+ folks and we yielded less than 1/2 bag of trash for the entire evening!  And we recently hosted a dinner party for 8 that was a huge success without one single plastic water bottle, no disposable cups/plates/silverware etc. I love having a “party” cabinet where I stash extra drinking glasses, plates, etc (many found at garage sales and Goodwill stores). And my guests certainly enjoy eating off of real plates with real silverware. So it was my party but you don’t need to cry!

You truly write the best newsletter of any I have seen, and I have seen a boatload. Keep up the good work!

lovin you,


Cathy Rankin
Temco Air Environmental
WINNER 2009 BBB Ethics Award

WINNER 2005 ASBA Customer Service Award
Heating, A/C
Custom Wine Rooms