I can’t imagine anyone who writes a newsletter who isn’t thrilled to get feedback. It’s wonderful if the feedback is good but I am happy to hear from people who disagree with something I have written. It’s how I learn & grow. So you can imagine my delight to learn that my friend Bruce Plenk not only reads my newsletter but cared enough to share some GREAT information about something really neat. At the end of every day, I pretty much love being Mrs. Green, love green talk radio & appreciate anyone who is a part of Mrs. Green’s World.  Thanks Bruce!

Dear Mrs Green-

While not playing and at work as I write, I wanted to let you know about a cool new Tucson item that will help folks do some of the things you suggest in the long attention span section of this newsletter (of course we all read this cover to cover!!!):

The Pima County Public Library now checks out Kill-a-Watt meters so people can accurately determine the amount of electricity an appliance uses!! How cool is that!!!

And you probably know about the Gabrielle Giffords Solar Project (which included the Kill-a-Watts) and a whole bunch of new books and Hmagazines on solar at various Pima County Libraries!!! Really cool!! More info if you want- Mary McKinney, librarian at Miller-Golf Links Branch library where the stuff is mostly located…: I added her to this e-mail…

Keep it up!! More singing!!

Bruce Plenk

Tucson City Solar Energy Coordinator

4004 S Park Ave, Bldg 1

Tucson, AZ 85714

520 837-6322