wp-dougLisle2Our exclusive series: What Am I Eating & Why Should I Care?  It All Starts with Your Fork.

Doug Lisle, PhD, Director of TrueNorth Health Center (featured in the infamous Forks Over Knives), author and advocate for plant-based diet
According to people who know him, Dr. Lisle really is delightfully candid and warm (and totally hilarious) and is one of psychology’s most innovate and curious minds. Deeply dedicated to exploring the mysteries of human behavior from fresh, uncharted waters, his research in evolutionary psychology and its impact on health, happiness and the pursuit of pleasure is generating critical acclaim. Translation? He will inform and delight us and I can’t wait. This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson and is a part of our “What Am I Eating & Why Should I Care?” series on healthy eating, healthy planet, healthy you.