What’s Green About This Workplace?

“In 2007, El Rio’s leadership team expanded their organization’s definition of “community wellness” to include sustainable and environmentally responsible clinic facilities and work environments. This decision is now being implemented by building new sustainable clinics to benefit the community as a whole by promoting the health of staff and clients alike, consuming fewer local resources such as electric power and potable water, and utilizing local and recycled building materials. El Rio’s already strong focus on energy-efficient building design and heating/cooling technologies, renewable energy sources, office recycling efforts, and water-sensitive landscaped environments fueled their desire to
design and build a LEED silver certified clinic, the first of its kind in Tucson, Arizona. Taking community health to this next level distinguishes El Rio Community Health Center from its counterparts.
Tucson Electric Power awarded El Rio Community Health Center a grant of 54 state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels for the building that will provide nearly 5% of the building’s annual energy cost. The inverter will be displayed in the entrance court so that patrons can see that the use of renewable energy is available part of El Rio’s commitment to the health of the community.
(copied from El Rio Foundation website)”