I wish I could articulate how many changes I have made in my life and we have made in our home since the birth of Mrs. Green.  And did I mention the wonderful people I have met?  It’s all good and it’s all true.  But there are certain things I still struggle with – like travel – and how to do the right, green, eco friendly sustainable thing. 

Well, not to worry – there are two new developments in the green travel arena.  One is that my friend Scott, owner of Legendary World, knows lots more about it than I do.  And number two, Scott is going to start sharing what he knows on a regular basis on my radio show starting this Saturday.  Are there vacations that are 100% carbon foot print free?  I doubt it and I probably wouldn’t want to take one of them anyway.  But are there degrees of green-ness?  Are there things you can ask of hotels where you are planning to stay about their sustainable practices?   And is driving ALWAYS better than flying (hint: you will be as surprised as I was with the answer!). Scott will be informing and educating us on how we can make better, more sustainable vacation choices AND we are going to have some fun!

And here’s a little bonus for reading this.  If you visit my website (www.mrsgreensworld.com) and go to the travel page, you can click on the Legendary World  ad and register to win a trip.  I did and I hope I win.  It’s a random drawing so Mrs. Green has no pull whatsoever.  It sounds like a dream come true trip and all along the way I could be gathering information on what’s green about it and what’s not to post on this blog. 

Dreams come true – every single day. Stay tuned as I report on more of mine! (Like maybe winning a trip….)