No secret that I eat, sleep, drink and dream ways to leave less and less of a carbon foot print every day. I gave a presentation to a big Rotary Club in my town yesterday & going over some the basics helped me remember some good practices & converted some of them. I truly believe that. Here’s part of what I shared:

Numbers always inspire me or even re-inspire me. Some to consider: 

2.5 million plastic bottles consumed by Americans every hour.

60,000 plastic bags consumed every FIVE seconds

 1500 aluminum cans recycled every SECOND!

We waste an average of 5 gallons of water per day while brushing our teeth.

Progress for me? I had to search the house for a plastic bag for “show and tell.” We NEVER use them. I even brought donations for the Goodwill collection truck this Club was sponsoring in a reusable bag!  I have cut my use of plastic bottles back by 97% and I am moving towards 100%. New S’well bottle is the reason why. ( I recycle every aluminum can I ever touch – every single one! I am manic about wasting water. And I encourage others to be as well. Having clean water is a blessing I am aware of every day.

Noteworthy sustainable additions: I bought a little holder that contains a bamboo knife, fork & spoon that goes with me in my purse. I never have to use plastic to eat.  I also always carry a little fold up reusable bag in my purse so I am never busted if I forget to take one with me into a store. I always pick up all the empty plastic bottles I can carry that are given out at events & bring them home to recycle. Re: water use,  two more high efficiency toilets are planned for instaltion in the weeks to come.  And overall, I am eating less and less and less beef.  Interesting.

To you current & new sustainable habits! Get your green on – every day. The earth needs us to do just that.