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2019 certainly has been quite an interesting year for Mother Earth, eh? There has been historic flooding across the planet, massive extreme wildfires, record-shattering hurricanes, record setting temperatures. The climate crisis is here and we know it is closely linked to excessive consumption. Changing the narrative from “profoundly troubling signs from human activities” to one of hope and possibilities requires we all make more eco-friendly choices this holiday season! And spread the word, encouraging others in your world to do the same.

Here are some ideas and inspiration for intentionally creating a more sustainable, planet-friendly holiday season this year:

5 Tips For a Green Thanksgiving

Go Green for the Holidays

Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts 2019

We hope you join us in committing to less consumption and more intentional giving! Added bonus? Less consumption, less stress from shopping and wrapping = less impact on this great planet of ours! #WinWin